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Paul Gampe, CTO of PCCW Global, demonstrates simple online tools that deliver new levels of speed and agility for global networks

Running critical applications in the cloud requires new levels of security, predictability, and performance from your network. It also demands the same level of agility in your network as you get from your cloud.

Attend this webinar and discover how with a Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) can bridge the gap between what your business needs and what your network delivers. Paul Gampe, PCCW Global CTO and Neil Templeton, VP Digital Innovation Marketing, will be sharing their expertise on SDN and SDI for networking.

What to expect


Find out what SDI is and what it can do for your network.


Understand how SDI can help mitigate common networking challenges.


Understand the strategic benefits and use cases of SDI.


Learn how to create private global bandwidth on-demand between networks, clouds and other businesses in a few clicks.


Learn how to quickly get started with SDI.


Learn how to deliver new speed and agility to your network.


Paul Gampe, Console Connect CTO

Paul Gampe

PCCW Global

Neil Templeton, VP, Console Connect

Neil Templeton

VP, Marketing
PCCW Global

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