Is the Public Internet Good Enough?

A Report by Frost & Sullivan

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Rapid digitisation is asking new questions of networks. Now that businesses have had several years to build, operate, and perfect remotely-accessed digital solutions, many are finding the public internet is not always ideal - especially for critical apps that require heightened privacy protocols, better bandwidth and latency.

In this Executive Brief by Frost & Sullivan, we explore some of the pitfalls of the public internet, which, while good enough for accessing basic business applications, lacks the consistency, predictability, and privacy requirements of today’s mission-critical applications that transfer more sensitive data.

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  • Why the rush to digitalise employee and customer interactions meant migrating to cloud-native applications
  • How direct connections with hyperscalers is bridging the chasm between network flexibility and security
  • The options available to businesses wanting to retain public-network flexibility but with a private network’s level of privacy and performance.