Africa Interconnection Report 2022

The year of the 'big change' for the region's data centre & cloud ecosystem

Africa Interconnection Report

With unprecedented levels of investment in data centres and Covid-19 lockdowns acting as a catalyst for the implementation of cloud services, is 2022 the year of the "big change" for Africa?

To gain a deeper understanding into recent events, Console Connect commissioned a second edition of the Africa Interconnection Report to analyst firm Balancing Act.

As well as providing a full update on the region's data centre and cloud landscape, the report provides exclusive insights on the drivers and barriers to cloud adoption through a survey with local enterprise users.


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In this report you will learn:

  • What the inflow of new data centre and network investment means for the region
  • The top five barriers to cloud adoption in Africa
  • The different ways local businesses have embraced the cloud since lockdown