How SD-WAN, dedicated cloud connections, MPLS and the public internet compliment each other as essential components of the hybrid enterprise WAN

Hybrid Network Guide | Console Connect

Enterprises’ use of multiple public and private connectivity is only going to continue into the future, bringing unwanted complication to their networks as they connect not just site-to-site and site-to-cloud, but also cloud-to-cloud.

As decisions on network procurement become more business-driven and less technology driven, infrastructure and IT managers are looking more at how they can plug into their global WAN from anywhere and have application traffic delivered over the most appropriate transport.

Download this guide today to gain essential insights into:

  • What are the ways MPLS, direct cloud connections and SD-WAN can work together for your enterprise network.
  • How more cost effective internet connections can supplement your MPLS network while freeing up capacity for critical applications.
  • Why data centre interconnect (DCI) is at the heart of new global business models.

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