Some essential and easy tips for improving your enterprise connectivity

The Definitive Enterprise Connectivity Guide

Improve Your Enterprise Connectivity

Let's face it, the traditional public internet wasn’t made for enterprise workloads. As enterprises increase their number of connections to private data centres and public cloud assets, the shortcomings of the public internet are becoming even more apparent.

The Definitive Enterprise Connectivity Guide recognises this fundamental challenge facing network engineers and network architects and offers some essential and easy tips on how to improve your enterprise connectivity.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand how to match your network connectivity to the agility of a cloud network or service by scaling up and down, and moving around various workloads.
  • Learn why temporary or short term connections can be such a great fit for access to a SaaS provider or a data centre.
  • Discover how Console Connect abstracts much of the complexity of connectivity and uses the PCCW Global network to connect to data centres around the world.