AWS SUMMIT London 2022

 April 27, 2022 | London

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Console Connect is excited to be Silver Sponsor at AWS Summit London, an event that brings the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS.

Console Connect can provide real-time access to the AWS cloud from enterprise locations around the world, as well as interconnect your AWS instance with your existing data centres and other clouds.

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Console Connect is a platform for the Software Defined Interconnection® of applications and infrastructures. It allows users to self-provision private, high-performance connections among a global ecosystem of enterprises, networks, clouds, SaaS providers, IoT providers and application providers.

Console Connect is the only digital platform that is underpinned by one of the world’s largest private networks and a Tier 1 global IP network that is ranked in the top 10 for IPv4 and IPv6 peering, delivering higher levels of network performance, speed, and security to meet the digital needs of today’s interconnected users and communities.

Accessible from 800+ data centres in 50+ countries worldwide, the platform is integrated with all major hyperscale cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and more. Through the Console Connect portal or via its API, users can access a broad range of native and third party solutions.

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Through our platform you can:


Access AWS cloud: Direct and on-demand connections to AWS across the globe.


Reach new markets: Directly connect to 800+ data centres in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Connect to other business partners: Order and provision partner services, such as SaaS, colocation, remote peering and more.


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